Aaron Antaloczy is a director who brings a light-hearted, enthusiastic style to his work.  He attributes this to his decade at Kids’ WB! producing, directing and editing spots for kids’ shows.  This allowed him the opportunity to hone his comedic skills.  It also gave him the chance to point out to his mom that all the cartoons he watched growing up were far more valuable than the homework he was forced to do.  His work has won a Prism Award and several Promax Awards.

In addition to promos and commercials, Aaron has directed a number of short films.  Hellboy: The Cave was created for Dark Horse Comics and quickly became a fan favorite on their website.  Backyard Battle Monsters recently won a KIDS FIRST! Best Award and has played in many festivals throughout the country. 


(661)713-9910 / amadirector@hotmail.com